About Me

I like lists so that how I plan on writing a little about me:

  • I was raised in many different states in the south. (Military Brat perks)
  • Parents divorced when I was 11 so I settled in Ohio with Mom and Brother
  • I am LDS and love it
  • I was married November 10th 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple.
  • I dream way too big
  • I love animals
  • I have 3 monsters, oops I meant kids!
  • We live in Utah
  • I hate water
  • Im 5ft of awesomeness, till it’s time to jean shop. Then Im just angry
  • I love all food
  • I love baking and am pretty good at it.
  • I teach workout classes once a week
  • I lost 75 lbs after having my daughter
  • I have too many opinions on what society thinks
  • I love pink everything
  • Pinterest Junkie
  • LipSense Distributor because I was hooked after 5 minutes
  • Beachbody coach because I know what it’s like to be depressed and overweight.
  • Married to a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist….yes, he gives me advice for free.
  • I parent the way you wish you could.
  • I love to read but haven’t finished a book in years….sad story
  • I live in my car 75% of each day
  • I am terrified of heights but want to skydive
  • Roller coasters are the devil
  • I want to reach out to other moms who struggle with depression
  • I want to have a bakery one day
  • I love sweatshirts and jeans more than I should
  • I love to run but not super great at it
  • I love to decorate
  • Pandora rap stations are my favorite

So this is just a basic about me….nothing great but super fun once you get to know me!