Happy healthy life-weight

healthy habitYou guys, last week I had to go super strict on my eating. Since my surgery I have been gaining weight like crazy. I workout and eat fairly healthy but that wasn’t helping. I have really been struggling with it.

Last week, I prepped all meals and snacks. I knew what I was eating and when. I allowed a treat or 2 randomly throughout the week but wants to see if I could lose weight. After gaining 8 lbs in a month and then reading that a lot of women gained 15-30 after an ablation I was determined to not fall into that group.

Between Monday and Saturday I lost 4 lbs….then continued the “test” by not prepping my weekend and eating like I wanted. I still was careful not going crazy but I enjoyed life like I would have before the ablation to simply see what would happen.

It’s Monday and I have put on 3.5 lbs in 2 days. Well, it’s been decided that I will be prepping all meals for now on. I made salad jars and hard boiled eggs yesterday. I still need to prep snacks for each day. My dinners are scheduled and using good clean ingredients. I can’t say it’s because of the surgery or because my young 31 year old body has decided to be a real butt head. Either way, eating healthy is the only thing I am choosing to do.

Some might say to live a little, others might tell me the scale isn’t a big deal and I agree with both. I like to live a healthy but happy life. I don’t let the scale decide for me, but when I’m rocking the rubber band on my jeans I know i have gotten to far from where I’m happy. I like to eat healthy, I like the feeling it gives me. I don’t struggle with depression as much, I feel good, I wear what I want and the best part….I look as good as I feel.

Now my happy healthy life isn’t determined by anything other then me. My weight isn’t determined by anything more then how I feel. I feel my BEST around 130. Yes, I’m 5ft tall. Yes, that is obese on that stupid BMI chart but I am happy there and the BMI chart can go bye-bye. If you live your life according to that stupid chart we need to talk! That chart does nothing more then take your weight and height into account. Not your muscle mass, not your bone density…NOTHING! According to that chart my ideal weight is 97-123! Ummm no thank you. There is no way that I can be happy and healthy at that weight.

I know that many other women struggle with weight issues, so if you don’t already follow me on Mandy Brain-Facebook, you should. I am going to be hosting a free clean eating/meal prep group each month. It will be a safe place to ask questions. There will be no products promoted and everything will be easy to follow.

You might be asking yourself why you should join this group with some random person. First, after having my daughter I lost 75lbs without the help of anything but food and exercise. I did it all on my own. Second, I love health, I love helping women find their happy healthy, some might say it’s my happy place. Third, I teach fitness classes, I have learned exactly what our bodies need and respond best to! Last, I am pretty dang confident in myself and my group.



Novasure Ablation 1 month later

*Warning: I will be very detailed in this post. I will share my personal experience since having my nova-sure ablation done. I will talk about things that some might find gross. You have been warned*

So here I am a month later. I have healed amazingly and have my post op appt next week. I have gone back to working out, lifting heavy, and life 90%.

From my 3 small incisions to have my left tube removed, I have a little tenderness. Stretching and core work are tough still. Not that I had much core strength before, I really don’t have it now. Over time I hope to regain some of the strength I have built. My belly button incision seems to have internal stitches, I don’t know though. I have a knot though and will ask my dr next week.

Here’s the gross stuff……

I have had to wear a liner for 3.5 weeks. I had a lot of discharge. Like the dr said, they are putting 2nd and 3rd degree burns in my uterus which will blister. Blisters drain, therefore I will have discharge. It’s usually clear. Every once in a while pink, which isn’t alarming.

Every time I use the bathroom a small chunk of tissue falls out. Again, totally normal. At first, this scared the crap out of me but thanks to my nurse she cleared this up. It’s 100% normal.

For 2 weeks I had an upset stomach. We are talking diarrhea within 30 minutes of eating a meal. I could not keep food in me. After a call to my drs nurse, she said it’s normal but if it didn’t go away within a week to call and get an appt set. After a few more days it went away. I was told that this is a normal side effect to the ablation and tube removal.

Here I am a month later and other then pink discharge for a day here and there, I have not had a period. No spotting, little cramping, but still moody. After going to Dr Google, I red numerous times that I can still have the PMS side of a period. I still have a single ovary and therefore my husband still has to deal with my moodiness once a month.

Would I recommend this procedure to others? Absolutely! I won’t know for 6 months what my “normal” monthly cycle is. I can still have periods but 4 weeks without one….I’m praying that I never have one again!!!!

Pray More

As I opened my fast this morning with a prayer, I immediately apologized for not paying more, then I realized what I said…it’s obviously on my mind. This has stuck with me today. My heart is heavy with regret, all the prayers and blessings I’ve missed out on because of my excuses.

I have so much love for my Heavenly Father, but don’t remember to pray. I allow things to get in the way, little things. As I have thought about it, I am kind of upset with myself. I am so unbelievably blessed, yet don’t remember to say “Thank You” each day. I struggle just like each of you but don’t always ask for help. I make mistakes and don’t ask for forgiveness.

I believe in the power of prayer. I have witnessed miracles happen thanks to the power of prayet. I remind my kids daily to pray for anything and everything but don’t follow my own advice! I always say a little thank you in moments I know I’m being watched over. I will be in a hurry to preschool and mentally think, let me please make this light, and when I do I say a little thank you. The few car accidents I barely missed because someone cut me off or I didn’t rush thru the yellow light, I say a little thank you. Doesn’t Heavenly Father deserve more???

Prayer is so unbelievably important. It’s a way for us to talk to our Heavenly Father. He WANTS to hear from us. Yes, he knows the feelings in our hearts, he knows when we need him but there is times he is just wanting to hear us ask for help,  for us to say Thank you or a simple prayer to keep that line open.

We are so blessed to know and have the knowledge of prayer. To know that someone is listening, that our prayers will be answered when the time is right and that we have a personal way to ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness for our many mistakes.

So if your like me let’s remember to pray more together. I am setting alarms in my phone, sounds silly but my life functions smoothly thanks to alarms. I am setting 5, 1 for each meal, when I first get up and an hour before bed. I am not planning on just saying a quick prayer then rushing on but instead I will pray and leave a little quiet time after my morning and night prayer to listen to answers I might recieve or the calmness I need to feel.