Novasure Ablation

You guys I did it! I closed the baby machine!!! I had the novasure ablation and my tube removed. You love my picture don’t you? That was about 18 hours after surgery.

First, let me warn you. This post will be full of things I have dealt with and why I chose surgery. I will be honest and unfiltered. You have been warned. This is my experience. I can not promise your will be the same.

I have been planning this surgery for a while. Due to insurance and my husband, we waited. He has wanted more children. I was done years ago but would never do anything permanent without his approval. We are a team and make decisions together.

About a year ago, my periods became very frequent, like every other week pretty much. After ultrasounds and blood work we found no problems. I also have dealt with cysts and while we found some during the ultrasound, nothing was large enough to cause problems. There was no cause for my frequent periods. Did I mention that a year prior I had my right ovary and tube removed due to cysts??? Well, left ovary went into over drive. My left ovary was dropping eggs like crazy!

Dr said at this point getting pregnant would be extremely difficult. Good news for me, bad news for my husband. I had options though. Ablation, hysterectomy or an IUD. After talking with the Dr and doing research and IUD wasn’t for me. Hysterectomy was going to be 6-8 weeks of recovery. Ablation and a tube tied or removed was the best option for me and my life. 

So fast forward to December 2016, new insurance and I was still struggling with frequent periods and cysts becoming more painful. Hubby gave the green light to surgery. I cried happy tears. Who wouldn’t want those stupid periods yo end?

So dr appointment was scheduled to get the ball rolling. My insurance was tricky in the case that he had to perform it at another hospital or I needed to find another dr. He luckily could do it at a hospital that my insurance covered.

He again reminded me that this was permanent and there is no turning back. He suggested the IUD again, which I can understand, I’m still young (31) but I knew in my heart this was the best thing for me. We did a uterine biopsy and holy cow, that hurt like hell. I’ll share a funny story later about that though. We agreed that Novasure was the best option. Something about microwaving my uterus seemed better than boiling water inside my uterus. The water or balloon method seemed more painful. 

Feb 8th was my surgery. I was excited and a little nervous. I had been looking forward to this surgery for a year. I was reminded about the pain and recovery. Down for 2 weeks, no heavy lifting for 4 weeks….my love for working out and weights struggle with this. 

I went in and was home about 4-5 hours later. Pre op and waiting on the anesthesiologist and OR nurse took the longest. I had the best nurse in pre op though. We talked lularoe and lipsense. I’ve never felt so relaxed before a surgery♡

All I remember was the anesthesiologist putting 2 meds in my iv, pain and antibiotic,  then wheeling me to the operating room. I was told to move to the other table. Then I woke up in recovery! I wasn’t in any pain. As soon as I was awake they removed my oxygen and patches for monitoring and moved me another area where my husband came in. 

I was foggy but overall felt good. We came home and I napped as much as I could but I suck at naps. Then about 2 hours after getting home the craps hit along with feeling nauseous, which was from anesthesia. I took some kids Tylenol, threw up an hour later and felt fine. 

I have had no pain other then the cramps the first few hours. I mean, he did just put 2nd and 3rd degree burns in my uterus, stabbed me 3 times in the stomach and then removed my left fallopian tube that was attached to my abdomen wall and intestines. He decided to remove due to my family history or cancer and my history with cysts. 

Surgery was Wednesday, today is Friday. I drove my son to school, swept and mopped the kitchen floor and moving around like nothing happened. I feel great. I have a little tenderness in my incision at my belly button when I cough or sneeze, other then that I don’t feel like I had surgery.I  have the nasty discharge he warned me about. Think about when you get a burn, it oozes right?! Well, these burns are doing the same. Gross I know but it should only last 2-3 weeks. Still gross!

I have had no bleeding, no more cramping and a pinch of pain in my right shoulder from the gas put into my abdomen. Evetything was done laparoscopic and I have 3 small cuts in my stomach. They are covered so I’m not sure what’s hiding under the gauze but it can’t be too bad, right?

I have my check up the beginning of March so hopefully everything heals well and I never have another period again. Worst case scenario, I have a period randomly or once a month. Either way much better then what I have been dealing with.

Would I recommend this surgery? Absolutely! 


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