Kids and Chores…

Raise your hands if kids and chores don’t go together in your home like a perfect match?

I feel like I need scary music playing quietly in the background as I approach my children to do chores. Don’t get me wrong….they help sometimes. Usually after I have threatened early  bed time, no electronics and their life. Then with heavy hearts they do it. Luckily, 20% of the time they are quick and willing to help.

Being a mom is tough. We aren’t maids to our tiny army though and that I totally how I feel. My kids are old enough to do more and make things a little easier on me. My 8 year old is a hoarder…this isn’t a joke. I have to go clean trash from his room because he won’t. He had a little fit when I threw a fortune cookie fortune away because it had “chinese writing on it”. Mr Middle, who is 6, is quick to help, but also the first to throw himself on the floor. You really never know what you are going to get. Little miss 4 year old hides or bribes her brothers to take care of it for her with promises of letting them watch their show or sharing a treat with them…..girlfriend knows what she is doing.

Then you have me, Mom. Picker up of all things left behind and expected to keep a clean house. I walk into friends homes and just think how do they have a clean home? They have kids. Some have pets. What are they doing that Im not?

I don’t want to make my kids out to be these entitled little brats because I swear that isn’t the case. They do help, just not as much as I need them too. I will admit, I do clean a ton and since I do it, why do they? Only I am realizing that I can’t be a mom, wife, friend, beachbody coach, lipsense hottie, taxi driver with 3 school schedules and just over all me on top of keeping a house clean.

I have tried chore charts and really hate them. We have tried a reward jar but seriously, Im not rewarding you for doing something you are expected to do. HECK no to allowance…again, Im not paying you to do what your expected. I don’t want to overwhelm my kids with chores. I want them to be kids, but mom is taking all the slack and really starting to feel it.

So after turning to my facebook friends for advice I found something simple enough to start with before building more. This is something that will work for all my kids with their schedules and homework while still being allowed time for fun.

Plain and simple…chorelist

I don’t make my kids clean my stuff so why do I need to do theirs? I told them the new rule taking effect Monday so that we have time to give them a clean slate without starting on the wrong foot. They aren’t thrilled but honestly, if they have clean rooms and clean up their own crap I have NOTHING to complain about! They will not have fun or get to use any electronic till things are done….including homework!

After a month and seeing good results I will rotate simple chores, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping floors, loading the dishwasher (they already unload daily) helping more with the animals etc. They are kids and I don’t want them to think that our home has to be perfect, but I do want them to learn respect for what they have and the home that they are blessed with!

Wish us luck! Next week isn’t going to be easy but it is going to be worth it!




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