Happy Healthy

Happy Healthy…what does this mean to you? To me it is about living a healthy lifestyle and letting your body and weight fall into a comfortable place. It’s living a healthy lifestyle that also makes you happy. It is being able to eat healthy with a sweet treat whenever I feel like it, in moderation of course. I don’t tell myself NO to things. I may think NOT NOW but never NO. It just makes my craving worse….and no one wants to be around someone who is on a “diet” and HANGRY!


I understand that sugar is an addiction but I’m ok with having a happy healthy addiction. I have cut sugar numerous times in my life, for MONTHS and didn’t die. I felt too restricted though. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy myself just to lose 5-10 lbs….its stupid if you ask me. It wasn’t for me but for some it is worth it and that is totally fine.

What ever happened to just saying “Screw the scale” and enjoying life? When did we become so obsessed over weight and looks? Of course, I haven’t given up on myself and take care of myself but this obsession with thigh gaps and ab cracks is just unreal to me! When I found out that an ab crack was a thing that girls wanted…I died. I had to look it up to see if it was real and sure enough, it is! Why? Why are we obsessed with being so tiny?I have started a new thing where I pick out an outfit in my mind and no matter what I wear it, even if I am feeling yucky and just want a sweat shirt. I am forcing myself to get rid of the negative talk to myself because that isn’t healthy and doesn’t make me happy.

I will admit, I use to think this way. Then I lost 75 lbs after having my daughter because I had let myself go and needed to find a healthy balance. I look at pictures from then and holy cow, it isn’t pretty! Since then, I have gained 30 lbs back but I lift weights, lots of cardio, I started yoga, I am active and not just starving myself. I eat a lot of food but it isn’t 100 calorie packs of cookies and 1/2 cup of a frozen dinner, its fruit and veggies, meat and a scoop or 2 of ice cream.

I use to dream of being thin, but it’s just not in my genetics. Instead of dreaming of being tiny, I changed it to strong and healthy. To being a healthy example to my kids. I don’t want them to struggle with weight like I have. I don’t want them to starve themselves because they aren’t thin enough. I want them to find a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

So let’s end the negative talk to ourselves and embrace our own beauty. Let’s find that happy healthy lifestyle without wishing for what others have. Let’s eat healthy and exercise because we love ourselves, not because we feel like we are fat, but because we truly want too. Let’s just look in the mirror and be thankful for our unique beauty from head to toe~




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