New Years New You

So we all hear and even say this phrase “New Year New You”. While I agree with it, I also super disagree with it. You’re already awesome so why is it a “NEW You?” Why not just work on simple little things instead of trying to recreate something already pretty special?
This year I am going to try something new. I want a theme or quote for myself and my year. I’ve seen other people do this in the past and I always thought it was a little weird but now I’m loving the idea. So I thought, why the heck not? Why not give myself a little motto or quote…make it cute and hang it somewhere in my home for me to see daily for a reminder?

Live Simply, Love Generously, Learn Constantly ❤simplicity

That’s it! I am going to simplify my home, my jobs, my schedule, my overall life. I’m going to love those around me and SHOW it, because I really don’t. I am going to constantly learn things.

I love lists so I am sharing with each of you my New Year’s List to see how I am breaking this down for myself so I don’t get overwhelmed

  • clean/organize/decorate 1 room each month
  • works 2 hours a day no more
  • say NO to things I really can’t fit in
  • Monday night=Family Night
  • Volunteer to say prayer more often
  • Read 1 book a month (I’ll share my list later)
  • Slower to anger with my kids
  • Yoga daily (this won’t be easy)
  • Go to the temple once a month
  • Eat healthier

Of course, I will struggle with all of these, but I have kept my goals SIMPLE enough that they will be easy enough to do! Nothing crazy, nothing I don’t doubt I can do….

I heard someone saw a mom with a list of 40….FORTY….4×10…10+10+10+10….40, New Year’s Resolutions!!! Why? Why are you so unhappy that you have a list of 40 things to change, improve or add to your life???  If your list seems to never end…we need to chat. You need to learn to love yourself just the way you were created
, work on imperfections and love the beautiful person that everyone is blessed to know and love.

So enjoy the New Year, make it the best one yet because you are in charge of the life you live ❤


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