The Thought Behind Mandy Brain

I’ve started this post a million times, ok I’m exaggerating but it feels that way.

I have so many thoughts on parenting, fitness and just life overall. I have friends that crack up how I parent my children and have said that I need to write a book because it would be hilarious…..Yes, Im the silly mom threatening to ruin my child’s day if they say poop, butt or fart again because I have heard it 500 million times by noon! My fitness thoughts are well, what should be considered NORMAL!!! But no, I don’t have abs, an ab crack, thigh gap or a sexy booty. I do however feel that women need to focus on a happy healthy lifestyle that makes them feel good…and I don’t care if you are a size 5 of a size 22 because you are still so freakin beautiful!

I’m a very forgetful mom, you know the one parent in the classroom that knows she forgot something….yeah, thats me! I have alarms set for everything in my life….like eat, get kids to school, remember to feed kids lunch…the normal stuff! Since, I am that forgetful mom, I thought Mandy Brain was the perfect name for this blog. You know, Mommy brain, we all have it..only Mandy fit me better!

I’ll share more about me and my life in another post but what I want you to know is that this will be a blog full of silly stuff that parents think and do without wanting others to know. That I will share my opinion on things and if you don’t like it, that’s ok because you have your opinion too. I will share recipes, workouts, advice and love. There will be no exact rhyme or reason to what I feel or write each day…sometimes you will hear from me a few times a week other times less. It just depends on what life is throwing at me!

Parenting is hard. Being a mom is freakin tough and for the girl that use to shave Barbie’s head and then kill Stretch Armstrong…I’m just trying to survive and keep my kids alive!

Ps. Can we agree that the watercolor is beautiful? I found it on google…it’s not mine and I won’t take credit for it. But if it’s yours let me know so I can give you credit!!!


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