Merry Christmas!!!

45928601_1120594981445353_6004874647042887293_n(1)Merry Christmas to any of you that are still around…*crickets* I’m sure.

I hope your not holding your breath on a post from me. I am seriously the worst at this whole blogger thing. New years goal maybe?

I’m not promising  posts anymore, because well, I fail. So here is my MERRY CHRISTMAS post and hoping for better blogging in 2019. That’s not to say I won’t post anything else this year, that’s just playing it safe.

I love December. I love this time of year. The magic in everything surrounding our Saviors birth. I love the shopping and surprising loved ones. I love getting things for my children that I normally say NO to. I love the lights, the smells and beauty all around. I love the extra baking I want to do. I love going to Temple Square and seeing all the lights and nativity. I love the Festival of Trees. I love the unhealthy amounts of hot cocoa consumed… all comes full circle for a truly amazing month before a chance to start all new.

So here’s to a wonderful month for each and everyone of you. Here’s to the best December 2018 ever 🙂

Share with me some of your traditions for December…I’d love to see how others enjoy this holiday season ❤


Blogger fail

Well you guys…I’m by far one of the worst bloggers. I usually would blog during the early mornings of my job hoping for a sub class. Now my schedule is full 99%. Any free time is spent preparing for my next class. Yes, I’m still teaching English online. Yes, its still an amazing job. Yes, I’m still tired.

I love this blog and love those of you that are still around. I pinky swear (the most sacred of all swears) to get this blog up and running again.

For now…enjoy the fact that I already started decorating for Christmas.😂 I’ll keep it simple for a few more weeks after that, all control will be lost.

Next week friends…next week I’ll get back into this blogging thing. Yup, I’m going to add this to my plate the same week as Thanksgiving. Sharing my amazing parenting tips, home decor, recipes and everything else that I feel like. I’ll update accutane experience since I get tons of emails about it along with my current skin care routine.



Accutane (isotretinoin) Month 1

I wish I had a great beginning picture….but unfortunately, I never took one and always used a little bit of a filter so that I could hide my breakouts. You guys, Im thirty-freakin-two I shouldn’t still be struggling with my skin. It’s embarrassing! It’s not just a little either, cystic acne is my enemy.


Here is the best picture I have pre accutane, gorgeous huh? I break out along my jawline and cheeks mostly so photos hide it pretty well. I get really red under my eyes and across my nose.

I was accutane a few years ago but had to cut my time short on it because our insurance changed and I wasn’t able to afford it anymore. I was sad, seriously, my skin was pretty good. Over the years (I was warned about this) it has returned because I wasn’t able to do a full treatment. Not as bad as it was thankfully but bad enough that I wore my hair down more to hide breakouts and would use my hands to cover anything that made me feel really self conscious without looking completely awkward as I talked to others.

It’s taken some time for me to decide to do this again. My first experience wasn’t bad, but it makes your skin so dry and sensitive, is it something I really want to do going into summer? I decided, I am tired of dealing with bad skin and no matter what I was going to give this medicine another chance.

Even though I had an ablation, have no left ovary and no fallopian tubes, I still have to be on birth control. *eye roll* In my mind, I have no periods because the one ovary has no way to get the egg to the uterus….yet according to my dr, I can still get pregnant. *scratching my head with confusion* Whatever, right?!

Here I am one month done, 5 months to go I have had quite the dry skin. My face was so dry that it was tight…making it hard to talk, smile and eat. I got some interesting looks and a friend told me my face looked very painful. It was and I was using anything and everything I could to add moisture but NOTHING was helping. I was shedding layers of skin daily, Im talking 4 layers at a minimum. I was in pain trying to survive this…which lasted for 2 weeks. 2 weeks of skin screaming red and peeling all day long. By then I had ordered some skin care, moisturizing like crazy and seeing that I wasn’t shedding like crazy anymore. So 2 weeks of tight dry  peeling skin….I can say it was worth it!


What am I using you might ask? Senegence skin care line normal to dry, along with climate control and nangai oil. It has made this whole process a million times better. I also use the Lipsense gloss and lip balm to keep my lips from peeling…which they haven’t (yet) and look amazing!!! I use the polishing exfoliator every few days to keep my skin smooth and the resurfacer anytime I have a major case of peeling skin. (Maybe once a week). If you want to order some skin care for your accutane journey, message me and I’ll help you with a screamin deal! I know how miserable it starts out. This was the only thing I was able to find that helped. Those first 2 weeks I spent easily 100+ trying to find something to help. Creams were literally making my face burn. Once I started this….24 hours later, I was in heaven with happy calmer skin. Within a week I had very little skin problems.


After one month, my skin is SOFT. I don’t see my pores as much as I use to and I swear to you, I only wear makeup a few times during the week. My skin is perfect compared to before and I am loving it. I feel confident and pretty. I still have some small breakouts along my jaw (always my worst area) but I don’t think they will be a problem much longer.

This picture is from the other morning after work. I had rolled out of bed last minute for a sub class at 4:50 am…I have no makeup up and didn’t use a filter because I didn’t need to!!! I don’t remember the last time I felt comfortable enough to not wear makeup. *Money saver*

If you are questioning going on accutane as an adult, I HIGHLY suggest as least talking to your doctor about it. Sure the peeling skin sucks, the dryness stinks and it’s horrible in the beginning but it gets better. I have emotional days but nothing serious. I check in with my dr every month for more blood work and to get my next prescription. I don’t regret starting this pill and I can’t wait to see what my skin is like in 5 months!!!

Summer Journal

I’ve been thinking about what I can handle as a parent to keep my kids from turning their brain into mush this summer. Sure we have plans and plenty to do but I felt like with my kids getting older that we needed something more. I know some families do school during the summer….NO THANK YOU!

I was talking to my 1st graders Language Arts teacher, she was telling my how he is reading at a 3rd grade level but could use some help with spelling and his handwriting. This totally gave me the best idea ever…

My 2 oldest kids (9 and 7) will be keeping daily summer journals. Complete with anything they want in it. Pictures, ticket stubs, artwork etc. This way spelling, handwriting, and time to sit and focus will happen daily. My youngest who is struggling with wanting to learn will have her own journal. I don’t want her to start 1st grade where she is currently at. So we will be keeping a summer writing journal for her. She will write the date, her name, ABC’s and 0-10. Plus we went and bought hot pink index cards to work on sight words. Once we are in a good rythm with her I want her to write a sentence a day as her journal entry.


You may be thinking WOW thats mean but I know my kids. It’s better then throwing a workbook at them. Reading is something they chose to do, so writing will be something they need to do. Not to mention in 5, 10, 20 years these are going to be awesome to look back on and ready. To relive some summer memories and laugh.

They will hate me for this right now but in a month or 2 they will enjoy it. In years they will thank me. I think I might join in on the fun myself! I know that keeping a journal is important for family history but I haven’t made time for it. I regret all the things I haven’t written down 😦

SAYABC Teaching Job


Can I just say that I have the best job ever? I make great money, work from home while my kids sleep, don’t sell anything and make my own schedule. Does it get better then that??? Oh yeah, I wear pjs 99% of the time and just put on a cute top over them if needed. WIN!!!

I started this fun job with SAYABC about a month ago. It has been a huge blessing for me. I like working out of the home BUT I also want to live a life and not be stuck at a job I don’t enjoy. I also like the idea of helping my husband financially, life is expensive. I can be a little spend crazy at time, this job allows be to do that without much concern. I do plan on treating myself to a new car by the end of the year though…BOOM!

My students are all out of Beijing, they are adorable and so much fun. I truly love my little homeroom class and cried a little on our last day. The company provides all my lessons and schedules me when I have opened the time slots. Since Im in Utah and the students are in Beijing my work hours are 4am-7:10am with about 10 extra minutes to do evaluations. For some this is insane, for me it’s easy money without distractions! There are also 2 Friday and Saturday night classes.


You teach up to 4 students. There are homeroom classes ($15/class), trial classes($15/class) and substitute classes ($22/class). The classes are only 40 minutes long and super easy and basic. I usually give myself about 15 minutes to go through the lesson if its a new one to measure out my timing and make sure Im familiar with everything. There are also bonuses for completing a homeroom($36 I think) and trial sign ups ($8/student that signs up within 5 days of you teaching).

We have a few FB groups and skype groups for us teachers to be able to talk, get to know one another and help each other out when needed.

My favorite part….I still get paid for NO SHOW classes. In fact, thats how Im writing this right now. Im subbing a class ($22/class) and no kids showed up. So I still have my classroom open but get to sit and do this too and get paid for it!

So if you think that this might be something for you then apply for the job! No degree needed! I revised my resume with everything kid/teaching related including church callings and the fact that I am a mom of 3. I got an interview that week. The hiring process is 4 parts….resume, interview, training (1 hr thru skype) and an evaluation class. It takes maybe a week or 2 for the full process to get done and for you to get a contract.

Feel free to use me as a referral if you want, just follow this link and you will be all set! ( ) Or just go to and use the referral code E35GF. If you do apply reach out to me and let me help you get the job. I can show you exactly what they want in order for you to get the job asap!!!




Summer Goals

I wish I could say that Im the mom with the super fun summer to do list. You know the ones you see on pinterest….100 ways to have fun, 100 cheap things to do, idea sto make summer memories with your kids….. blah blah blah.


Here is my list

  1. Don’t kill the children
  2. Pull weeds like a boss
  3. Shower at least 3 times a week
  4. Read 3 books….(parenting help books)
  5. Not to overspend
  6. Im not buying dollar store stuff to keep my kids happy
  7. Spend time with friends
  8. Keep the garden alive
  9. Blog more
  10. Work more (Im teaching English online early early in the morning)
  11. Have the best girls trip ever!
  12. Make simple fun memories with my kids
  13. Nap at least 3 times a week
  14. Don’t let the kids use video games for hours
  15. Don’t get a sunburn
  16. Watermelon + rubber band experiment with the kids
  17. Start running again
  18. Twister on the lawn
  19. Enjoy being outdoors more
  20. Hike more with the family

You guys, summer isn’t a time to exhaust yourself to keep your kids happy. They were blessed with a brain and the ability to entertain themselves. My kids don’t want to say “I’m Bored” because I am putting a jar together. One full of ideas when I hear that phrase. Some will be simple like “get your butt outside” Others might be a workout or actual chores. I think Ill even put a free pass or 2 in there just for luck. I promise it will only take a day or two before I don’t hear that phrase and they figure out what to do!

I will not plan out this crazy weekly summer schedule for my kids and I. I will plan a few things but like going to the park with friends so I can chat with friends and kids can play. We have a fun little pool in the backyard, a playset, a trampoline, bikes, scooters, friends….there is no reason to be bored!

I want my kids to learn to take care of their own boredom. It’s part of life and we have to learn to deal with it. So bring on the summer time, sunshine, relaxed schedule, boredom and life lessons.

Are You Quick To Judge???

Are you quick to judge the creepy white van? Are you quick to judge that sweet face standing on a corner begging for money? Are you quick to judge your neighbors? Are you quick to judge the suddenly single mom? Are you quick to judge anything and everything?

I try SO hard not to judge. If I do fall into that nasty trap, I try to replace negative thoughts with positive. Maybe the creepy white van is a homeless guy with mental problems. Maybe the guy begging for money hasn’t had a meal in a few days. Maybe your neighbors are shy. Maybe the single mom was finally strong enough to leave the abusive relationship she was in for years.

I want to see other sides of a story. I can be a nosey person but its so I have the actual facts and not just gossip. So that then I can try to be informed and make a compassionate judgement.compassion

We don’t know the struggles others are going thru. We don’t know their past or present. We are so quick to judge though. Thinking we know better. I would much rather have a compassionate heart then to assume things about others or their situations.

I have this amazing brother in law. When I first met him he was deep into drugs and your typical SLC bum. Dirty clothes, a little crazy, always high on something, needles covering his apt floor when he had one…he fit the stereotype. He bounced from shelter to shelter but if they were full he bounced bench to bench. I was very nervous around him in the beginning. All I knew is he was on numerous drugs and was not the type of person I was use to being around.

I didn’t get to know him right away. I knew his story and whatever else I heard from family members. He had an apartment at one point in the beginning and would invite other homeless friends over so that they could shower and use the stove to eat a warm meal. He gave up his bed and couch and anything else he could so others have a comfortable place to sleep for a night or two. His parents kept his fridge with food that he shared with anyone. Even though he had very little he gave everything he could to others. He would invite a friend or two to family gatherings at Christmas and Thanksgiving so that they would have a place to go on those holidays instead of being alone.

About 6 years ago he pulled away from the family. He felt he couldn’t be around us till he got his life straight. He had been self medicating mental illness with drugs and didn’t want the family to see him like that anymore. He told his parents he wasn’t going to come back around till he was better. About 4 years ago he started coming back around. He was no longer self medicating with drugs, he was working at a homeless shelter and getting a place to live. These past 4 years he was still a little crazy (I say that with a loving smile) but he was around. He made memories with the family. He worked so hard to come back and be a better person. He was seeing a dr and back on correct meds. He hated those meds, he hated the way they made him feel but family meant more to him.

I’ve known him for about 11 years now. He recently passed away and the stories of love and compassion that were shared about him would make a saint blush. He wasn’t perfect but all this man wanted was to give to others. He gave and gave and gave. I promise you, had you seen him even in these last few years you would have judged him to be some crazy bum. I was blessed to know that he was an amazing brother, brother in law, son, father and uncle. He was the only one that would go outside and play with the kids. They love their Uncle Joe and hold on to the little gifts he gave them. They might be small but they come with more love then a heart can handle.

I promise you, if you saw this amazing man, you would have put your head down and held onto your kids a little tighter because that is what our world is now. We judge and let those fears consume us. It’s so upsetting to me. So instead of hiding your face and judging others, smile at them. A smile is the best medicine. It isn’t our job to judge others, but it is our job to show love and compassion to all of Heavenly Father’s children.



Sleepy Child Update

hylandsSo my daughter has been using this blessing in a bottle. She is pretty much sleeping through the night. Wakes up maybe once but I can totally handle that. She as a classical cd that plays throughout the night for her and takes 2 of these about 15 minutes before bed. I HIGHLY recommend these already. We went from her being up for a few hours each night to waking up once, if at all this weekend.


I have actually gotten sleep this weekend! I will stock these for her life if I have to. Oh and they even have an adult one. I don’t need help sleeping but know some people have that crazy problem.

So if your child isn’t sleeping, I truly am sorry. Go order these off amazon, get a nice heavy blanket and some soft music for your little one. They will snooze so much your body won’t know how to handle all the sleep.

Sleep Child, Sleep

Let me start out by saying that my daughter is my  youngest, my baby, my stubborn, kind hearted, sensitive, child. Since day 1 of her beautiful life she has wanted to be close to the action, center of attention and making sure that she keeps me on my toes at all times. Yes, my last child might very well be my hardest child! With that all said…I am tired of her not sleeping thru the night!

I work 2 jobs, plus wifely/motherly duties….not to mention the extra I always add to my plate. Im averaging maybe 3 hours of sleep a night with her up all night freaking out over nothing. She is obviously scared so I care a little but most of my care went out the window months ago…maybe even years. Now as a mom, we all know we would give up anything for our children but sleep is usually where we draw the line. Am I right or am I right?

Now before you hurry to tell me about everything I need to try let me save you time. I’ve done almost all of them except for a specialist or anything voodoo weird.

  • Oils (don’t help)
  • melatonin (horrible dreams)
  • classical music (helps little)
  • routine (meh)
  • night lights (tried them all)
  • weighted blanket (temporarily helped)
  • active during the day (she’s 5 this is too easy but doesn’t help)
  • monster spray (she didn’t fall for it)
  • stories (nope)
  • bribery (only temporarily)
  • low sugar diet (easily done, nothing changed)
  • no caffeine (easily done no changes)

I know there are other things out there but these were simple cost friendly things that we have done over the years. If something worked it was only temporarily.

Right now we are going through the “Im scared of everything” phase….you know the one where they are deathly terrified of a home they have lived in for years, scared of their toys and follow you around like a lost puppy. She takes some of this up a notch. She has told me to sell and get rid of her toys because she doesn’t want them to come to life (thanks Toy Story), she won’t go in a room without someone with her (even if it’s a room that shares a wall), she follows me around and cries if I don’t let her sit in my room while I try to get my sweaty workout clothes off gracefully, she will chose the consequence of not listening over doing what I ask.hylands

So we are trying this stuff by Hyland’s. (Man, I love that company) I’ll let you know how it works. If this problem isn’t fixed soon I’ll let you guys know what mental home you can find me in!

I’ll check in again on Monday and let you know how the weekend goes. I wouldn’t wish no sleep on my worst enemy. I got more sleep when my kids were newborns!!!

Spring Break Truth


I kinda love spring break yet this one I am NOT looking forward to. Sad to say but really, Im not that excited. I work at my kids school as a teacher assistant. I work the only hours that I am kid free….meaning spring break will be a week of getting all the projects done that I haven’t made time for. It means adulting harder around the house.

  • weeding the rv pad
  • sorting clothing and getting rid of at least half
  • cleaning the garage so we can actually park in there
  • finding the smell in the fridge (I just smelled it today and can’t locate it!)
  • prepping the garden boxes
  • cleaning up the yard
  • decluttering the toy room
  • cleaning in general
  • painting the tub

I know what your thinking….”It’s your kids break also, do fun things with them”. Don’t worry I plan on it but I told them not to expect anything major. We will head to the park, have some friends over, go to the aquarium….simple things. I’m not going broke for them to have fun. God has blessed them with a nice big backyard! It’s more about relaxing this week anyways since we are usually nonstop on the go.

Who else is just saying SCREW IT to over done Spring Break plans? I plan on getting my list done and then just bingeing on Netflix or actually finishing a book. I have dared both of my boys to finish a book this week and begged my daughter to just stop making messes. Maybe next year I’ll plan something big. For now, I want my list done and to spend as little money as I can this week 🙂