Mom Brain

Today, I realized that I had yet again messed up my schedule. This is something I do a little too often. Currently I have 1 of my children at a different school that follows one school district while my other 2 are right down the street with me at a charter school that follows a different school district. I try to stay on top of things but my oldest reminded me again that I have a bad case of mom brain! Can I blame him for it???mom brain

I left work early to pick him up from home and run errands before getting the other 2 from school. Yes, I could have just taken them home with me but then I have to run errands with 3 kids….I’d rather sit in the after school pick up line! So I get home and he is trying to tell me that we were scheduled for Parent teacher conferences last night not tonight. So I get onto the school website (remember he’s at a different school and I have to now remember my log in info) in the middle of rushing thru Walmart trying to find the 4 things I need. No, I didn’t write a list and if I did, I would have forgotten it somewhere anyways. Plus, it was only 4 things…easy right? Luckily, the school was able to get us rescheduled but the time was in an hour and I still had a school pick up. More chaos which means I was going to then have to push back my evening and hopefully not forget something else.

You guys, I feel like I am losing my mind. I am always forgetting things. Yes, I have a planner and write what I remember but let’s be honest, I don’t remember everything. I truly feel most days that I am keeping it together by a thread. Acting like I totally have everything under control but really I don’t. I’m working at the charter school and getting ready to add teaching English online to make some extra money to help our family. I can’t remember most things and now I am adding more to my plate! What is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I love being busy but I might be pushing the crazy boundary.

Most days I cry because I forgot something on my schedule. It can be as simple as grabbing cereal while grocery shopping. Cereal is a staple in my house. How do I forget it? I want to be on top of this whole mom/wife job but let’s be honest…..I’m not. I’m a hot freakin mess trying to keep my head above water. I’m hoping next year when all my kids are at one school and my schedule opens up a little that I will be able to pull myself together. Until then, who wants a ride to crazy town???

Who else is dealing with a fun case of mom brain???


Oh and ps….I’m back and not just for a little bit but for good. You thought you could get rid of me but you can’t. I need to write more. I need to get my thoughts and feelings out there because bottling them up isn’t working to great for me. This world is full of overly opionated people or people behind walls….I’m just a mom trying to keep it all together and not let the sadness of the world take over my home!


Addicted to busy?

I miss blogging. I miss writing out my feelings and thoughts. I like most moms, have crammed so many things into my day that I don’t even know what spare time is anymore. Is it possible to be addicted to being busy? There’s something to think about. I go and go each day forgetting to eat till 4pm some days. Most people would lose their minds, but I feel like I thrive on being busy. The busier I am the better I feel. It’s weird to explain.busy

There is something about the morning rush. Getting 3 kids ready to go out the door. Did I mention that I have my kids at different schools right now too!? Yeah so that happens daily, drop off one at one school and the other at another. Little miss luckily doesn’t have to be at school till I go to work.

Most moms go home and clean or relax (aka sleep)after school drop off….not me. It’s perfect timing to take a ornery 5 year old to the store or post office before rushing off to workout classes.

After working out (my therapy) it’s 10:30 by the time I get home. I have exactly 40 minutes to get myself showered and ready for work while helping my daughter get ready and keeping her away from anything messy. White shirts with a uniform…not a smart idea!

This is my normal….once I’m at work Im busy there, grading papers, telling kids to stop picking their noses (then have to explain why I want them to wash their hands) reading, recess, lunch and almost begging this 4th grade class to just walk thru the halls quietly….it still hasn’t happened. 4th graders are the reason I have so much new gray hair.

After work it’s the same in most homes. Homework, dinner, cleaning, getting ready for the next day, any family errands, bedtime routines and off to bed they go.

I know your reading this rolling your eyes thinking it doesn’t sound that busy. Let’s add that we decided to put our house on the market…NEXT WEEK….so I’m painting and doing everything I can to have that ready. Oh and I wanted to make more money so I’m in the hiring process to teach English online. Already hired but need to do another class before I am ready to teach on my own.

Why do I do this to myself? Why over cram my day? Why overbook myself knowing it doesn’t always workout? Why leave myself with NO time to relax till my husband tells me to come to bed. I hired a maid so that I can have a clean house but with us selling it’s complete chaos around here! Thankfully she will be cleaning before photos are done.

So do you think its possible to be addicted to being busy?  Am I the only one that feels like I might be out of control with everything I have put on my plate?

I think it’s totally possible the more I think about it. Being busy and rushing from here to there, or having a to do list to long to complete gives me a sense of an adrenaline rush. It’s like this race I’m having with myself daily. I hate not getting things done or being on time so I hurry even more. I feel like once I’m on time or complete the tasks that I have this overwhelming since of joy, almost pride. I am thrilled to do what was needed, on time and the best that I could give. Adding more jobs in my day makes it trickier to still do everything but I like that rush in between each task.

You guys, Im totally addicted to being busy! I’m addicted to that rush it gives me as I race from one place to another or complete painting a room before I need to go to bed…I’m totally addicted to the crazy busy but still keeping it together lifestyle. I add more as a challenge, to see if I can really do it. Then when I do….I add MORE!

Ok, my mind is racing and did I mention its 4:30 in the morning and I have a busy day ahead and need to get like 1 more hour of sleep??? Seriously, this is sad.


Who wants to celebrate???

So this might now be worth celebrating to you but remember how I had the ablation done last year? Remember how only 40% of women never get another period??

It’s been 11 months since my last one!!!! YAY 🙂 The doctor said if I didnt get one in 6 months chances are I never would….each month I would get excited a little more.

 Like I said before, this was the best decision I have made. I don’t have really any weird side effects. I didnt gain a ton of weight but losing it is proving to be harder. I have a few days of being an emotion psychotic mom but my family knows to just back away slowly.

If your considering the NovaSure ablation do it! Go for it. I’m so glad I did. 

Cleaning help

I don’t know if I’m proud of myself or disappointed. I’m excited no matter how I feel about my decision to hire a cleaning lady. I’m not the best at keeping a clean house….I mean nothing grossly dirty or anything….it’s just an organized cluttered mess 🙂 

For years Nick has joked about getting a second wife just for cleaning. He has mentioned hiring help and tags me in posts about cleaning schedules and maid services. I’ve kind of ignored each one but the curiosity grew.

This week I’ve had it! I look around my house and I feel like I’m failing as a housewife. Sure I cook, menu plan, grocery shop, taxi kids around, work at the school and workout. Cleaning my house was the one thing I really want to succeed at but just can’t. I could stay up late and do it but I save that for days I’m angry at the world. Plus, I’m a morning person not a night owl…by 10pm I need to be in bed.

I looked at my budget and decided I’m taking the plunge. I met a few ladies but only 1 that I really liked. She made me feel normal for needing help…because apparently it’s pretty common. I thought it was a rich person thing but nope…I can erase that stereotype. I hired her for a few hours every other week. Sure I’d rather go shopping with the money but my house needs more attention than I have been able to give it. This doesn’t mean I quit trying though. I’m good for about a week before I get lazy. So she will be there to pick up and clean the beginning of my laziness before it gets out of control. 

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: if you feel like you need help cleaning, hire someone because in the end you both are helping each other! I feel a sense of relief knowing that Tuesday I can come home from work to a clean house. Ooooo I’m so excited! 

Oh and when I told my husband I got the “I tagged you in those posts to motivate you not for you to actually hire help” haha oh well this is more exciting.

Now do I clean my house before she comes over???

Happy Birthday Broden

I don’t know why I’m writing. I don’t know what I want to say…I just felt like writing as I sit here donating plasma. I guess I’ll start with today being my middle man’s 7th birthday!  This is really weird that my middle child is 7….not my oldest. I feel like I need a trophy for surviving this sour patch kid for 7 years! 

I remember the day he was born and all the chaos leading to it. It was a planned c/section, it was at Akron City hospital….or so I thought. Let me back up a little. My husband was in school getting his masters in marriage and family therapy. I planned Brodens birthday around Nick’s school schedule. I wanted Oct 27th (ish) but that was a day shy of 39 weeks so they wouldn’t. So I had to go with Nov 1st so he wasn’t doomed with a Halloween birthday. 

So we get to Akron City hospital around 6am. I was told I wasn’t on the schedule. I freaked out! I planned this, I knew where I was supposed to be. I didnt want to go home and hope to go into labor soon….I needed this planned! They then called the other hospital…Summa and found out my drs office had scheduled me there instead. If I’m being honest…Akron City had a look that scared me and I was excited to go over to Summa.

The c/section went perfectly. I had a spinal instead of the epidural which was a bad choice…I felt every push, tug and all the pressure. My first was born by c/section too but I felt nothing so this wasn’t enjoyable. He was born at 10:58am, 8lbs 6oz, 20in long and the most perfect little fauxhawk. I had heartburn my entire pregnancy and the amount of hair on his head proved where it came from. 

He was cuddly and a perfect baby from day 1. God blessed him with amazing lungs and he had this high pitched scream that he used constantly for every emotion. I didn’t struggle with him overall. He slept well. Ate a ton (a dairy cow couldn’t keep up with him) and always was smiling.

Brody is still that same sweet baby just 7 years old now. He still eats us out of house and home, killer head of hair and smiles for all his silly jokes. His personality is just a giant goof ball. He gives the best hugs and is the most helpful child you will ever meet. He will give you his coat if your cold but scream at the top of his lungs like a girl if he needs too. Yesterday at his class Halloween party a kid lost their goodie bag, he handed the boy his and told him that he could have it. No prompting or anything just did it out of the kindness of his own heart.

Broden Christopher was the name he was given the minute I found out I was pregnant. I knew I was being blessed with another boy I just had no idea it would be the sweetest boy ever. His middle name is after his Uncle Chris who passed away when Nick was a young kid. I hear stories of Chris and like to think Brody is a lot like him. 

If your lucky enough to know Brody you know that he loves to hug everyone, he has the best goofy smile, he loves spicy food, shy but in a cute way, loves making people laugh (fart jokes are his favorite) and even if you only barely met him….you are his friend no matter what!

Now to wipe my tears and get the kids off to school. I need to decorate the house or something for Broden, the kid deserves so much more then I give him.

I’m back

I know it’s rude to just disappear and I’m sorry for being rude. I’m back though no worries. I needed time to find a rhythm for my life. I no longer do beachbody….that’s a post for another day….but still with Lipsense. Still momin all 3 kids. Now I’m also working at my children’s school, I’m a 4th grade teacher assistant and really do love it! I wont lie though, I totally dreaded my first day and the second and third and fourth….by then I learned to love the chaos of my life. I literally have no time for sleep or free time now…but I’m making money😁

Summer was amazing! I went on my first cruise to St. Thomas, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. We were in St. Thomas 2 days before Irma hit…we were blessed to not be affected by the oceans tantrums. The cruise was amazing and I cant wait to do more cruising.

My kids survived summer too. We were lazy and it was wonderful. I had plans to let this be the summer of fun days. It became the summer of trips as a family and pjs on days that dad worked. It was beautiful and my house never got any cleaner.

So like I said, I’m back in the bligging world. Back to sharing thoughts and stories. I pinky promise I won’t be leaving again. I need this outlet.

Have a beautiful day and come back soon for my next post….either 5th grade science project idea (story) or something deeper. 

Happy healthy life-weight

healthy habitYou guys, last week I had to go super strict on my eating. Since my surgery I have been gaining weight like crazy. I workout and eat fairly healthy but that wasn’t helping. I have really been struggling with it.

Last week, I prepped all meals and snacks. I knew what I was eating and when. I allowed a treat or 2 randomly throughout the week but wants to see if I could lose weight. After gaining 8 lbs in a month and then reading that a lot of women gained 15-30 after an ablation I was determined to not fall into that group.

Between Monday and Saturday I lost 4 lbs….then continued the “test” by not prepping my weekend and eating like I wanted. I still was careful not going crazy but I enjoyed life like I would have before the ablation to simply see what would happen.

It’s Monday and I have put on 3.5 lbs in 2 days. Well, it’s been decided that I will be prepping all meals for now on. I made salad jars and hard boiled eggs yesterday. I still need to prep snacks for each day. My dinners are scheduled and using good clean ingredients. I can’t say it’s because of the surgery or because my young 31 year old body has decided to be a real butt head. Either way, eating healthy is the only thing I am choosing to do.

Some might say to live a little, others might tell me the scale isn’t a big deal and I agree with both. I like to live a healthy but happy life. I don’t let the scale decide for me, but when I’m rocking the rubber band on my jeans I know i have gotten to far from where I’m happy. I like to eat healthy, I like the feeling it gives me. I don’t struggle with depression as much, I feel good, I wear what I want and the best part….I look as good as I feel.

Now my happy healthy life isn’t determined by anything other then me. My weight isn’t determined by anything more then how I feel. I feel my BEST around 130. Yes, I’m 5ft tall. Yes, that is obese on that stupid BMI chart but I am happy there and the BMI chart can go bye-bye. If you live your life according to that stupid chart we need to talk! That chart does nothing more then take your weight and height into account. Not your muscle mass, not your bone density…NOTHING! According to that chart my ideal weight is 97-123! Ummm no thank you. There is no way that I can be happy and healthy at that weight.

I know that many other women struggle with weight issues, so if you don’t already follow me on Mandy Brain-Facebook, you should. I am going to be hosting a free clean eating/meal prep group each month. It will be a safe place to ask questions. There will be no products promoted and everything will be easy to follow.

You might be asking yourself why you should join this group with some random person. First, after having my daughter I lost 75lbs without the help of anything but food and exercise. I did it all on my own. Second, I love health, I love helping women find their happy healthy, some might say it’s my happy place. Third, I teach fitness classes, I have learned exactly what our bodies need and respond best to! Last, I am pretty dang confident in myself and my group.


Novasure Ablation 1 month later

*Warning: I will be very detailed in this post. I will share my personal experience since having my nova-sure ablation done. I will talk about things that some might find gross. You have been warned*

So here I am a month later. I have healed amazingly and have my post op appt next week. I have gone back to working out, lifting heavy, and life 90%.

From my 3 small incisions to have my left tube removed, I have a little tenderness. Stretching and core work are tough still. Not that I had much core strength before, I really don’t have it now. Over time I hope to regain some of the strength I have built. My belly button incision seems to have internal stitches, I don’t know though. I have a knot though and will ask my dr next week.

Here’s the gross stuff……

I have had to wear a liner for 3.5 weeks. I had a lot of discharge. Like the dr said, they are putting 2nd and 3rd degree burns in my uterus which will blister. Blisters drain, therefore I will have discharge. It’s usually clear. Every once in a while pink, which isn’t alarming.

Every time I use the bathroom a small chunk of tissue falls out. Again, totally normal. At first, this scared the crap out of me but thanks to my nurse she cleared this up. It’s 100% normal.

For 2 weeks I had an upset stomach. We are talking diarrhea within 30 minutes of eating a meal. I could not keep food in me. After a call to my drs nurse, she said it’s normal but if it didn’t go away within a week to call and get an appt set. After a few more days it went away. I was told that this is a normal side effect to the ablation and tube removal.

Here I am a month later and other then pink discharge for a day here and there, I have not had a period. No spotting, little cramping, but still moody. After going to Dr Google, I red numerous times that I can still have the PMS side of a period. I still have a single ovary and therefore my husband still has to deal with my moodiness once a month.

Would I recommend this procedure to others? Absolutely! I won’t know for 6 months what my “normal” monthly cycle is. I can still have periods but 4 weeks without one….I’m praying that I never have one again!!!!

Pray More

As I opened my fast this morning with a prayer, I immediately apologized for not paying more, then I realized what I said…it’s obviously on my mind. This has stuck with me today. My heart is heavy with regret, all the prayers and blessings I’ve missed out on because of my excuses.

I have so much love for my Heavenly Father, but don’t remember to pray. I allow things to get in the way, little things. As I have thought about it, I am kind of upset with myself. I am so unbelievably blessed, yet don’t remember to say “Thank You” each day. I struggle just like each of you but don’t always ask for help. I make mistakes and don’t ask for forgiveness.

I believe in the power of prayer. I have witnessed miracles happen thanks to the power of prayet. I remind my kids daily to pray for anything and everything but don’t follow my own advice! I always say a little thank you in moments I know I’m being watched over. I will be in a hurry to preschool and mentally think, let me please make this light, and when I do I say a little thank you. The few car accidents I barely missed because someone cut me off or I didn’t rush thru the yellow light, I say a little thank you. Doesn’t Heavenly Father deserve more???

Prayer is so unbelievably important. It’s a way for us to talk to our Heavenly Father. He WANTS to hear from us. Yes, he knows the feelings in our hearts, he knows when we need him but there is times he is just wanting to hear us ask for help,  for us to say Thank you or a simple prayer to keep that line open.

We are so blessed to know and have the knowledge of prayer. To know that someone is listening, that our prayers will be answered when the time is right and that we have a personal way to ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness for our many mistakes.

So if your like me let’s remember to pray more together. I am setting alarms in my phone, sounds silly but my life functions smoothly thanks to alarms. I am setting 5, 1 for each meal, when I first get up and an hour before bed. I am not planning on just saying a quick prayer then rushing on but instead I will pray and leave a little quiet time after my morning and night prayer to listen to answers I might recieve or the calmness I need to feel.

Novasure Ablation

You guys I did it! I closed the baby machine!!! I had the novasure ablation and my tube removed. You love my picture don’t you? That was about 18 hours after surgery.

First, let me warn you. This post will be full of things I have dealt with and why I chose surgery. I will be honest and unfiltered. You have been warned. This is my experience. I can not promise your will be the same.

I have been planning this surgery for a while. Due to insurance and my husband, we waited. He has wanted more children. I was done years ago but would never do anything permanent without his approval. We are a team and make decisions together.

About a year ago, my periods became very frequent, like every other week pretty much. After ultrasounds and blood work we found no problems. I also have dealt with cysts and while we found some during the ultrasound, nothing was large enough to cause problems. There was no cause for my frequent periods. Did I mention that a year prior I had my right ovary and tube removed due to cysts??? Well, left ovary went into over drive. My left ovary was dropping eggs like crazy!

Dr said at this point getting pregnant would be extremely difficult. Good news for me, bad news for my husband. I had options though. Ablation, hysterectomy or an IUD. After talking with the Dr and doing research and IUD wasn’t for me. Hysterectomy was going to be 6-8 weeks of recovery. Ablation and a tube tied or removed was the best option for me and my life. 

So fast forward to December 2016, new insurance and I was still struggling with frequent periods and cysts becoming more painful. Hubby gave the green light to surgery. I cried happy tears. Who wouldn’t want those stupid periods yo end?

So dr appointment was scheduled to get the ball rolling. My insurance was tricky in the case that he had to perform it at another hospital or I needed to find another dr. He luckily could do it at a hospital that my insurance covered.

He again reminded me that this was permanent and there is no turning back. He suggested the IUD again, which I can understand, I’m still young (31) but I knew in my heart this was the best thing for me. We did a uterine biopsy and holy cow, that hurt like hell. I’ll share a funny story later about that though. We agreed that Novasure was the best option. Something about microwaving my uterus seemed better than boiling water inside my uterus. The water or balloon method seemed more painful. 

Feb 8th was my surgery. I was excited and a little nervous. I had been looking forward to this surgery for a year. I was reminded about the pain and recovery. Down for 2 weeks, no heavy lifting for 4 weeks….my love for working out and weights struggle with this. 

I went in and was home about 4-5 hours later. Pre op and waiting on the anesthesiologist and OR nurse took the longest. I had the best nurse in pre op though. We talked lularoe and lipsense. I’ve never felt so relaxed before a surgery♡

All I remember was the anesthesiologist putting 2 meds in my iv, pain and antibiotic,  then wheeling me to the operating room. I was told to move to the other table. Then I woke up in recovery! I wasn’t in any pain. As soon as I was awake they removed my oxygen and patches for monitoring and moved me another area where my husband came in. 

I was foggy but overall felt good. We came home and I napped as much as I could but I suck at naps. Then about 2 hours after getting home the craps hit along with feeling nauseous, which was from anesthesia. I took some kids Tylenol, threw up an hour later and felt fine. 

I have had no pain other then the cramps the first few hours. I mean, he did just put 2nd and 3rd degree burns in my uterus, stabbed me 3 times in the stomach and then removed my left fallopian tube that was attached to my abdomen wall and intestines. He decided to remove due to my family history or cancer and my history with cysts. 

Surgery was Wednesday, today is Friday. I drove my son to school, swept and mopped the kitchen floor and moving around like nothing happened. I feel great. I have a little tenderness in my incision at my belly button when I cough or sneeze, other then that I don’t feel like I had surgery.I  have the nasty discharge he warned me about. Think about when you get a burn, it oozes right?! Well, these burns are doing the same. Gross I know but it should only last 2-3 weeks. Still gross!

I have had no bleeding, no more cramping and a pinch of pain in my right shoulder from the gas put into my abdomen. Evetything was done laparoscopic and I have 3 small cuts in my stomach. They are covered so I’m not sure what’s hiding under the gauze but it can’t be too bad, right?

I have my check up the beginning of March so hopefully everything heals well and I never have another period again. Worst case scenario, I have a period randomly or once a month. Either way much better then what I have been dealing with.

Would I recommend this surgery? Absolutely!